1. What is a handplane?

A handplane is a wave riding board that makes bodysurfing more fun. Handplanes help you lift more of your body out of the surf. This minimises drag and increases your speed through the water. As a result, you can ride waves for much longer and get properly barrelled!

2. Does a BELLY handplane need a hand strap?

BELLY's handplanes do not need a hand strap. Just rest your hand on the traction pad and it won't fall off (trust me).

The strapless set up is rad because:

Each handplane comes with a long, comfy, coiled and swivelized wrist leash so you won't lose it in the surf.

3. How to attach your wrist leash

4. How to get the best out of Belly's Board

5. Who is Belly?

Belly is the stokebroking barrel magnet that pioneered the handplane cutback. When he is not getting GIRT AF, he is throwing everything he's got at executing bodysurfing's first air. That's right ... Belly's dream is to be the first bodysurfer in space!

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If you have any other questions or comments, drop me an email at info@bellysurf.com.au